9th Grade Admissions

How To Apply To BSGE

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education is New York City’s first all-IB public high school.  We are a non-specialized, 7-12 program that has limited seats available for 9th-grade applicants.  Students who wish to apply for admission to our 9th grade must complete the Department of Education’s High School Application on MySchools.  Ask your guidance counselor for additional information about the High School application process.  


Students who are applying from private or parochial schools are advised to speak with their school’s Principal or Headmaster for guidance.   


Applicant Profile


When reviewing applicants for 9th grade at BSGE, we generally look for:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 85% or above
  • Has taken and passed the Algebra and Living Environment Regents (preferred)
  • A completed BSGE assessment
  • A completed Department of Education High School Application on MySchools
  • Currently resides in one of the five Boroughs of New York City, with preference given to students who live in Queens. 


How to Apply to BSGE

In order to complete an application to BSGE, students must list the school on their High School Application in MySchools as well as complete an assessment.  This assessment will be submitted in MySchools under "Additional Materials".  Without these materials, the application will not be considered complete.  

The breakdown of how these criteria will be used is as follows:



Average Course Grades 10%
Humanities Writing Prompt 20%
STEM Writing Prompt 20%
Two Minute Video 50%