9th Grade Admissions

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  • The high school application will open the week of January 24, 2022 and the deadline to apply will be March 1, 2022. 

2022 High School Admissions Updates

  • In response to feedback from community leaders, families, and schools, borough- and zone-based admissions priorities will remain in place this year. This means that some high school programs will continue to prioritize zoned applicants and/or applicants who live or currently attend middle school in a specific borough. District-based admissions priorities were eliminated last year and will continue to not be used in high school admissions.
  • For high school programs that screen applicants, multiple measures will be used to evaluate students this year. These measures will include submissions of work samples from last year, such as essays or reports, and first-semester grades from this school year.

MySchools will reflect these updates within the coming week. More details about high school admissions will be available in January.

  • No matter the timeline or admissions methods, families should be thinking about which schools will be a good fit for their child. When the application opens, families may list up to 12 high school programs in their true order of preference on the application. 
  • Welcome Letters, which allow families to create their MySchools account, were released for all 8th graders in mid-October. Families can now explore schools and programs in the updated MySchools High School Directory. NEW THIS YEAR: Families can log in and save their favorite programs even before the application opens!
  • Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) registration is currently open, and the deadline to register is November 15, 2021. Families of 8th and first-time 9th grade students can log in to MySchools to register and indicate their school preferences.
  • Families may learn more at the high school admissions page on the DOE website. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Families may also sign up to receive admissions alerts.  


Demand for high school admissions testing has far exceeded our capacity. Therefore, The Baccalaureate School for Global Education does not require a high school admissions test. To be considered for 9th-grade admissions, applicants must simply rank BSGE on the NYC public high school application they file with their 8th-grade guidance counselor. Private and parochial school students can contact the NYCDOE Office of Student Enrollment for a copy of this application.

As published in the Directory of NYCDOE Public High Schools, 9th-grade admissions to Baccalaureate School for Global Education will continue to be based on the following guidelines:

Admissions Priorities

  1. Priority to continuing 8th graders
  2. Then to Queens students or residents
  3. Then to New York City residents
Selection Criteria   
Average 6th Grade ELA/Math State Test Scores 40.00%
Average 6th Grade Final Grades 10.00%
Average 7th Grade Marking Period Grades 50.00%
Total: 100.00%

Students not continuing from our 8th grade will be Batch Ranked sequentially based on composite score.  For example, 1-100.


Please read our frequently asked questions regarding high school admission to BSGE

For information regarding the NYC public high school application process see your child’s current guidance counselor or click on the following link: NYCDOE High School Choices and Enrollment


Last year's virtual open house has been uploaded to the main Admissions page on this website. Please feel free to view our orientation videos also at the bottom of the Admissions page to learn about BSGE.

Attendance is not taken at Open House events and is not a factor in admissions. When the building is open (pre and post-COVID restrictions) each Open House includes a self-guided building walk and a brief overview of our instructional program. Our Open House dates are usually held in the month of October. 

No reservations are required.