9th Grade Admissions Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to 9th grade at BSGE?

Students apply through MySchools by ranking BSGE as one of their 12 schools.  Students must submit a video responding to a prompt, then selected students will be invited to complete writing prompts and an in-person interview. This is all done in MySchools.  

What is the high school program admissions code to BSGE?

Our NYCDOE High School Application Program Code is Q41A

Do I have to list BSGE as #1 on the NYCDOE High School Application form?

Students do not have to put BSGE first. List your school choices in your order of preference.

Do I need to take a test to get into your high school?

No. There is no high school admission test for BSGE.

Do I need to have an interview to get into your high school?

Yes! There is an interview, students will be invited to interview and complete the writing prompt based on their video submission. 

All my class grades except one are above 90. Do I need a minimum grade of 90 in every subject?

Average course grades consist of 10% of the application process. 

What types of transportation are available to reach the school?

We are accessible by NYC Transit subways and buses.

Should I send a letter of recommendation?

No. We do not read letters of recommendation.

When is the deadline to apply for 9th grade?

Applications are due in MySchools by December 1st.

Can I transfer into 10th, 11th, or 12th grade?

We can only review applications for 9th grade through the NYCDOE high school application process. Please contact your local NYCDOE Family Welcome Center if you have questions regarding transferring high schools.