Athletics at BSGE

PSAL Required Paperwork and Links

In order to participate in PSAL, a student-athlete must have an updated and completed medical and parental consent form on file with the school. The following required paperwork must be completed in pen and submitted in person before even participating in tryouts:

PSAL Parental Consent Form.pdf 

  • Make sure all data is filled in at the top.
  • All lines must have parent/guardian initials.
  • A parent/guardian must provide emergency contact info and sign/date the bottom
  • PSAL Pre-Participation Physical Exam Please Note: An additional page has been added to the form entitled “PSAL Health History COVID Addendum.” Please take all four pages of the form to your medical provider. The only page that gets returned to the Athletic Director is titled “Recommendations for Participation in Physical Education and Sport.”

 2 PSAL Pre-Participation Physical Form.pdf 

  • The final page of this form (PAGE 3) must be submitted.
  • The doctor’s office needs to sign, stamp, and include the Registry #.

 3 Concussion Parent-Athlete Info Sheet.pdf

  • Must be signed by a parent/guardian AND student athlete.

NYC DOE Consent to COVID-19 Testing Form

  • All students participating in PSAL activities must have a consent to COVID-19 testing form. This form is submitted on the students’ NYC Schools Account (

Public School Athletic League

PSAL Student-Athlete Eligibility Rules And Regulations