Grading Policies

The IB Grading Scale

Instruction at BSGE is aligned with the assessments and curriculum frameworks of the IB Diploma Program.

The following table shows the conversion to the school’s 1-7 IB grading system.

Range IB Grade
96 – 100
91 – 95 6
86 – 90 5
76 – 85 4
66 – 75 3
65 2
<65 1

Grading criteria is to include performance on:

  • Major Assessments and assignments account for 60% of a student’s grade and can include in-class essays (graded with feedback given), research papers, projects and exams.
  • Minor (graded) assessments and assignments account for 30% of a student’s grade and can include homework, in-class work, lab work, lab reports, quizzes, periodic assessments and explorations.
  • Class Participation accounts for 10% of a student’s grade and can include ungraded homework (correct answers are provided), being prepared for in-class activities, binder checks (7th grade) and group participation (documented).

Teachers will discuss specific class expectations and policies, including exam make-up policies for the class, at the beginning of each year or semester.

Science Lab Grades

Lab courses receive a grade of P (Pass) or F (Fail) based on completion of lab hours and submission of lab reports.

Lab report grades are included in overall science course grade.

Failed Courses

Courses that are failed need to be repeated. The process will involve discussions between staff, administration, and the guidance counselor based on the needs of each individual student.

Excused Absences

Absences due to illness verified by a medical note and/or parental note. Students with excused absences have up to one week to make up any missed tests, assessments, homework or in-class work that is graded and factored into the progress report or semester grade. More than one week can be given for excused absences resulting from the death of an immediate family member or extended illness of the student.

Submission of Late Work

Students with family or personal situations documented by the Principal or Guidance Counselor prior to the end of the marking period have up to one week after the end of the marking period to submit work to be factored into their final grade. If, due to the situation, more time is needed, the Principal and Guidance Counselor will convey this to teachers. Students will not be penalized for submitting late work under these circumstances.

Students without an officially documented personal/family situation have up to one week after the end of the marking period to submit missed or late assignments. Assignments handed in after the end of the marking period will be automatically lowered by two grades before the work is graded.

Vacation Homework Policy

School vacations are intended to provide an opportunity for students and teachers alike to rest, recharge and spend time with their families. Students in grades 7-9 are not assigned major projects, assessments or assignments during breaks from school.