History Department

The six years that BSGE students spend in the history department develops their knowledge and understanding of our world, both in the past and the present. Following the guidelines of the Middle Years and Diploma Programs, BSGE students are prepared to question, interpret and analyze information from a variety of sources. Students are also prepared to undertake their own research into global historical topics.

History Department Classes

  • History 7 (US History: Pre-Columbian - Early 19th Century)
  • History 8 (US History: Early 19th Century - Late 20th Century)
  • History 9 (Ancient History-1800)
  • History 10 (1800-Present) External exam: Global History & Geography Regents exam (June)
  • DP History of the Americas HL 11 External exam: US History & Government Regents exam (June)
  • DP History of the Americas HL 12 External exam: IB History of the Americas HL (May)