Music Department

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education offers a comprehensive education in Music. Our philosophy is not only to teach future performing artists, but also to teach all students the joy of playing music.

All students perform in a percussion ensemble in the winter and spring concerts, with many opportunities for soloists! Thanks to a generous grant from VH1 Save the Music, students may use any instruments they like, free of charge while attending BSGE. Our BSGE Orchestra also plays on all concerts and outreach concerts here in NYC.

Our curriculum focuses on understanding the mathematics of rhythm. In addition to performing, students compose rhythm compositions by hand and write original poems to create either rhythm songs or jingles to perform in class. The advanced classes have Score Cloud available to them to expand their technical skills in music.

Our Director, Ms. Nikkolos, teaches and coaches all interested musicians as available and BSGE supports solo entries yearly NYSSMA evaluations.

This music curriculum was developed at BSGE with the Middle Years Program as its guide.

January 25, 2019 – Music Benefit Concert

Photography by Abdel Berraha

 Parents look on at the student musicians  Students and music teacher smile toward the audience who are taking pictures  Parents photograph the student musicians  Two students hold up the American flag as the musicians sit behind them  The music teacher conducts and leads the student musicians  A group of student musicians holding their scores