Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Why Participate?

  • Get to know teachers, administrators and other parents
  • Hear from the principal
  • Deepen your understanding of what is happening at school
  • Learn about programs and opportunities for your child
  • Participate in school-wide efforts and governance
  • Support the school

What Do We Do?

  • We Volunteer to provide the additional support that allows special events and trips to happen that bring parents and teachers together.
  • We Raise Money to support enrichment opportunities for students and IB training for teachers which are not covered by the school’s budget. Donate here or send a check in (made out to BSGEPTA with this  fundraising form filled out). Donations are tax deductible contribution. In the past parents’ contributions have been used for scholarships for SAT prep classes, student activities and gifts to support the teaching staff. PLEASE check with the human resources department at your company to see if they match donations. Matching is an easy way to double the impact of your contribution.
  • We Advocate for our children and the school so that we can speak in one strong voice on behalf of our children’s needs.

The BSGE PTA is a 501(c)3 charity.


When & Where Do We Meet?

We meet the second Tuesday of every month. In-person meetings were at 6pm in the school cafeteria. Remote meetings are on Zoom and start at 6:30pm. Each meeting includes: time to get to know other parents, a special topic and/or guest, Q&A with Dr. Page. The upcoming meeting schedule is listed below.


2022-23 PTA Meetings & Special Topics*

Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30 PM
*topics may change, so check back

Tuesday, September 21
Tuesday, October 25
Tuesday, November 22
Tuesday, December 13
Tuesday, January 31
Tuesday, February 28
Tuesday, March 21
Tuesday, April 25
Tuesday, May 9
Tuesday, June 13


In order to be successful, we need your help as a volunteer. If you notice that you are not getting email updates from BSGE PTA, please email us at and ask to be added to the list to make sure you are aware of the upcoming events and volunteering opportunities.

Learn More About the BSGE PTA

View the 2021-2022 PTA Welcome Packet

View the  PTA Bylaws 


Who to Contact if Your Child is Having a Problem at School

  • Academic Issues: Contact your child’s teacher directly
  • Behavioral Issues: Contact Christine Chaputian, Guidance Counselor (
  • General Issues: Contact the Margaret Pasach, Parent Coordinator (

BSGE PTA 2022-2023 Executive Board:

Our email address:

The Duties of PTA Officers and SLT Positions

The Duties of Officers as outlined in our current BSGE PTA bylaws:
President or Co-Presidents: The president or co-presidents shall

  1. Preside at all meetings of the association and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
  2. Appoint chairpersons of association committees with the approval of the executive board.
  3. Create an agenda for all PTA meetings and review all memos distributed by the PTA.
  4. Delegate responsibilities to other association members and shall encourage meaningful participation in all parent and school activities.
  5. Attend all regular meetings of the Queens High School Presidents’ Council and be a mandatory member of the school leadership team. (In the event that the association elects co-presidents, the co-presidents must decide who will serve as the Queens High School Presidents’ Council member and who will serve as the mandatory member of the school leadership team, and inform the general membership).
  6. Meet or email regularly with the executive board members in accordance with these bylaws to plan the agendas for the general membership meetings.
  7. Be one (or two, in the case of co-presidents) of the eligible signatories on checks.
  8. Assist with the June transfer of association records, including all pertinent user IDs and passwords, to the incoming executive board.

Vice President or 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and 3rd Vice President: The vice president(s) shall

  1. Assist the President or Co-Presidents.
  2. Assume the President’s or Co-Presidents’ duties in his/her/their absence or at the President’s or Co-Presidents’ request.
  3. Serve as a designee on the High School President’s Council at the request of the President or Co-Presidents
  4. Assume the responsibilities of President in order of succession (the 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President) only in the instance of the President or both Co-Presidents officer position(s) becoming vacant due to resignation or removal from office.
  5. May serve as one of the signatories on all checking/bank accounts (Vice President or 1st Vice President only, see Finance Section below).
  6. Assist with the June transfer of all association records, including all pertinent user IDs and passwords, to the incoming executive board.

Treasurer or Co-Treasurers: The treasurer shall

  1. Be responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the association.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures on school premises and shall be one of the signatories on checks.
  3. Prepare and present a written report of all transactions at every PTA meeting. This report must include income, refunds, reimbursements and other expenditures, and opening and closing balances for the reporting period.
  4. Provide the Department of Education (as per Chancellor’s Regulation A-660), the principal, and the general membership with the January 31st Interim andJune 30th Annual Financial Accounting Reports.
  5. Make available all books and financial records for viewing by members upon request and for audit.
  6. Assist with the June transfer of all association records, including all pertinent user IDs and passwords, to the incoming executive board.

Recording Secretary or Co-Recording Secretaries: The recording secretary shall

  1. Maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all PTA meetings. Completed PTA meeting minutes are to be given to the President or Co-Presidents for preliminary approval. Preliminary minutes shall be distributed at the following month’s PTA meeting for final approval by the general membership. Approved minutes shall be posted on the BSGE website and made available upon request.
  2. Assist with the June transfer of all association records, including all pertinent user IDs and passwords, to the incoming executive board.
  3. Maintain the custody of the PTA’s records on school premises and ensure that signed copies of the bylaws with the latest amendments are on file in the parent coordinator’s office.

The Duties of SLT members as outlined in our current SLT bylaws:
Team members are responsible for developing the annual school Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget for the ensuing school year. The school-based budget provides the fiscal parameters within which the SLT will develop the goals and objectives to meet the needs of students and the school’s educational program.
The SLT shall provide an annual assessment to the community or high school superintendent of the principal’s record of developing an effective shared decision-making relationship with the SLT members during the year.
The SLT will serve as the vehicle for consultation with parent representatives regarding federal reimbursable funding (e.g., Title I).
The SLT will coordinate with other school committees such as the Parent Teacher Association to ensure that all school-wide committees are working toward the same goals set forth in the CEP.
Team members must work collaboratively by sharing their ideas and concerns and listening to the ideas and concerns of others; engaging in collaborative problem-solving and solution-seeking that will lead to consensus-based decisions.
Team members must communicate effectively with their constituent groups and share the views of their constituencies with the team.

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