Science Department

The BSGE Science department shares its goals with the IB Diploma program and aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for scientific study and creativity within global contexts that will stimulate and challenge students
  • Enable students to apply and use a body of knowledge including methods and techniques that characterize science and technology
  • Engender an awareness of the need for, and the value of, effective collaboration and communication during scientific activities
  • Raise awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of using science and technology
  • Develop an appreciation of possibilities and limitations associated with science and scientists.

The sequence of Science courses is General Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, IB Biology and IB Chemistry

Science Department Classes

  • 7th Grade General Science
  • 8th Grade Living Environment 
  • 9th Grade Chemistry
  • 10th Grade Physics
  • 11th & 12th Grade Biology SL
  • 11th & 12th Grade Chemistry SL