7th Grade Admissions

Notices for Admissions

7TH GRADE ADMISSIONS — Admission to BSGE's 7th grade for Fall 2021 will be via lottery conducted by the NYC DOE. 

How Do I Apply to BSGE?

Happening Now! Apply to Middle School by February 9

The application for students entering middle school in fall 2021 is open, and the deadline to apply is February 9, 2021

As a 6th grade student applying for 7th grade admissions:

  • Visit MySchools.nyc
    • In order to create a MySchools account, you will need an email address, your child’s Student ID (OSIS) number and a personalized Account Creation Code.
      • For public school families you can get your child’s Account Creation Code from your current school counselor
      • Non-public school students (private and parochial), should contact your local Family Welcome Center for assistance. 
  • When you log into MySchools, you will be able to review your child’s personal and academic information.
  • If you notice missing or incorrect information you can:
    • Public school students: Contact your child’s current school as soon as possible
    • Non-public school students: Contact your local Family Welcome Center for assistance
  • For assistance in completing this process,

OPEN HOUSE —Please feel free to view our orientation videos at the bottom of the Admissions page to learn about BSGE.

Year 1 Pre-IB

(7th grade, September 2021)

The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (BSGE) is a public school dedicated to the achievement of academic excellence and the development, in each student, of a positive self-image, love of learning, respect for others, and reverence for life. Our vision is the implementation of the curriculum frameworks and assessments of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in every classroom, to an ethnically, economically and intellectually diverse student body that reflects the diversity of New York City public schools.

At BSGE, our Pre-IB Diploma Program covers grades 7-10 and is based on the principles and practices of the IB Diploma Program. The Pre-IB Diploma Program exposes students to a core curriculum that includes the following subjects: English, a foreign language (Mandarin and Spanish or Mandarin and French), humanities, science, math, visual arts, music, technology and 50-100 community and service hours.