Ms. Chaputian, our Guidance Counselor, helps students with both academic and personal needs. A student should seek counseling when needed. Except in certain circumstances, what he/she discloses to the counselor is confidential. A student may also be referred to the Guidance Counselor by parents, teachers, or other students. If additional counseling is necessary, the Guidance Counselor will then follow up with a referral to outside resources.

The role of Guidance at The Baccalaureate School for Global Education (“BSGE”) is primarily to work with students and families via our school-wide advisory system towards the following goals:

An Intellectually Inspiring & Safe School Environment
Create a school where each child can best function and express a variety of intellectual ideas within a safe and accepting school environment. This includes a daily small group advisory class; in combination with individual counseling when appropriate. Teacher-Advisors are the primary point-person for students and parents to discuss day-to-day issues. Advisors also deliver structured activities; focusing on a variety of academic and social issues during the scheduled advisory period.

Provide assistance to students in their day-to-day negotiation of issues that might interfere with the school experience. Parents need know to their child’s advisor and ask questions related to your child’s academic progress. Developing a thoughtful sensitivity for the rights and needs of others is also central to the experience at BSGE.

Academic Intervention
Help students understand their role in and utilize the resources available to be successful in the rigorous Middle School and IB Diploma programs. We also expect students to develop individual interests, skills and abilities as invested members of the larger BSGE school community as well as in their lives beyond school.

Additional Assistance
Provide assistance to families in seeking referrals to outside agencies and organizations for additional counseling and social services when appropriate.

The Guidance Department also supervises the following school-wide functions:

  • Admissions to BSGE
  • Citywide NYCDOE High School admissions process
  • Transition between 8th grade and High School
  • Transfers to and from other schools in all grades
  • New student orientation for grades 7th & 9th
  • Student affairs
  • Academic transcripts & foreign transcript evaluation
  • Academic programs & course selection
  • City & State Testing grades 7 – 12
  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP)/ Section 504 Accommodations
  • Working Papers

Families are encouraged to contact the Guidance Department with any questions.