Policies & Procedures

BSGE Student Handbook

Download the  complete Student Handbook . (This document includes sections posted in their respective categories, as well as the Student/ Guardian signature receipt page.)

Download the  abridged Student Handbook  (Use this if you are familiar with all other sections on our website.)

Opt-Out Photo Release

For clarity, the term photograph as used here, includes both still photographs and video footage. BSGE will often take photographs of students and staff for use in school publications such as the school newspaper, yearbook and for the purpose of promoting the school and student activities.

If you do not want your child photographed for the above purposes, please contact our parent coordinator, Margaret Pasach mpasach@bsge.org. Failure to do so releases BSGE from any and all claims arising out of the use of photographs or any right that the parent or student may have.