IB & College Admissions

How does the IB Diploma help me with college admissions?

Colleges and universities consider your status as an IB diploma candidate, your 11th grade report card, and subject predicted grades when you apply for college admission. It is therefore extremely important for you to work hard consistently, in both 11th and 12th grades.

The work towards the IB Diploma is used two ways during the college admissions process:

  • Successful completion of the IB Diploma Program courses in 11th grade and the first semester of 12th grade show that a student is completing the most rigorous curriculum available to them at BSGE. Students who do well in IB Diploma Program courses are attractive candidates for colleges based on the preparation given for college throughout the program.
  • Students take the IB examinations in May of their senior year. The official IB results are reported in July after students have been accepted in a college program.
  • Students who score highly on IB Diploma Program assessments may receive credit or placement at their college or university.
  • It ensures that you have met the basic NYS graduation requirements and the criteria for College and Career Readiness.